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Welcome to WordPressToWix.pro – a number one destination for everyone looking for a trusted and safe way to migrate a website from WordPress CMS to Wix website builder! It’s high time to share our story and introduce our team. So, let’s get started!

Our Team

What is our main value? That is our team, indeed! Currently, WordPressToWix.pro consists of three members, who professionally contribute to the process of website migration and bear individual responsibility for the result. It’s high time to get acquainted now!

David Morris

Owner and Web Developer

David is the visionary founder of WordPressToWix.pro, bringing a wealth of experience as a web developer. His expertise lies in seamlessly integrating the technical complexities of website transfer with user-centric designs. David’s leadership and technical acumen have been pivotal in establishing our company as a trusted name in WordPressToWix.pro transfers.

Craig Peterson

Graphic Designer

Craig, our in-house graphic designer, is the creative force behind the visually stunning and intuitive designs of our transferred websites. His ability to blend aesthetics with functionality ensures each website not only looks great but also offers an excellent user experience. Craig’s designs reflect a deep understanding of current trends and user preferences.

July Whales


July, our talented copywriter, is the master of words who adds life to website content. Her skill in crafting compelling narratives helps in effectively communicating our clients’ brand stories. July’s keen eye for detail and ability to adapt tone and style to suit different audiences make her an invaluable asset to our team and clients alike.

Our work together is a synergy of David’s web design expertise, Craig’s knowledge of graphic innovations and July’s narrative skills and attention to details. This is what makes each website transfer process smooth, hassle-free and professional. Go ahead to contact us ASAP to make sure yourself!

Our Mission

How Do We Help You?

The very first step you will encounter at WordPressToWix.pro is a thorough consultation to understand your unique needs and the specific functionalities of your existing WordPress site. We then develop a customized plan, ensuring that every aspect of your website – from its design and content to its SEO settings and user interface – is meticulously mapped for transfer to Wix. This personalized approach guarantees that your new Wix website will not only retain the essence of your original site but will also be enhanced with Wix’s advanced features.

Our pros handle every tech detail involved in the transfer process. This includes the migration of all your content – texts, images, videos and other media – as well as the recreation of your site’s layout and design using Wix’s versatile platform. We ensure that all the functionalities, including forms, eCommerce capabilities and third-party integrations, are seamlessly transitioned. During this process, we prioritize maintaining the integrity of your website’s SEO, so your hard-earned search engine rankings are preserved.

Comprehensive testing and quality assurance is a must before actual Wix website publication. We conduct thorough checks to ensure every link works, every page displays correctly and the site’s performance meets optimal standards.

Need training and support? We are ready to offer that as well to help you and your team adapt quickly to the Wix platform, letting you manage your project effectively post-transfer.

But that’s not it! We guarantee ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your Wix website remains updated, secure and functioning optimally. Whether it’s implementing new features, updating content, or providing technical support, our team is always here to assist!

Our Values

To reach our goals and mission, we adhere several key values that are always a priority to every team member:

Customer-Centric Approach

At the core of our service is a deep commitment to our customers. By offering personalized solutions and attentive support, we ensure that every client feels valued and supported throughout their journey with us.

Excellence and Expertise

We pride ourselves on our high standards of excellence. Our team includes experienced professionals who are not only adept in WordPress and Wix platforms but are also continuously updating their skills to stay ahead of industry trends.

Integrity and Transparency

Integrity is fundamental to all our interactions and services. We believe in honest communication, setting realistic expectations and being transparent about our processes and pricing. This value ensures that our clients can make informed decisions and have complete trust in our services.

Innovation and Adaptability

By embracing new technologies and approaches, we ensure that our clients benefit from the latest advancements in website design and functionality. Our adaptability also means we are always ready to tailor our services to meet the changing needs and goals of our clients.

Collaboration and Teamwork

We believe in the power of collaboration – both within our team and with our clients. We work closely with our customers, encouraging open communication and feedback, to ensure that the final product reflects their vision and objectives.

Our Story

WordPressToWix.pro was born in 2021 out of a simple yet profound realization: the process of transferring websites between platforms can be daunting, especially from WordPressToWix.pro. Our founder, David Moris is an experienced web developer who witnessed firsthand the challenges and complexities businesses faced when trying to make this transition. He saw a gap in the market for a service that could make this process seamless and stress-free.

Motivated by a desire to help businesses grow and adapt in the ever-evolving digital landscape, he launched WordPressToWix.pro with the vision of making website transfers a smooth and effortless experience for everyone.

In the early days, our focus was on understanding the intricacies of both WordPress and Wix platforms and developing a methodology that would ensure a smooth transition without loss of functionality or SEO ranking.

As we worked with a diverse range of clients, from local startups to established businesses, we refined our process, incorporating feedback and learning from each project. This client-focused approach helped us to quickly build a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and excellence.

Today, WordPressToWix.pro stands as a leading service provider in the website transfer niche. Every website we transfer is a story of a business stepping into a new phase of its digital journey, and we take pride in being part of that story.

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to our mission of enabling seamless transitions to Wix, constantly evolving with the technology and trends to provide the best service possible to our clients.

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